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Orlanda Olsen’s love of jewelry began as a child when she started crafting bracelets of twisted wire for her Mother. Later in life she went on to become a fashion and television model, but never gave up her love of designing jewelry.


Orlanda understands that, like any work of art, her jewelry should evoke an emotional response. She believes that beauty and style are a result of flowing proportions. She has taken this knowledge and integrated it into her highly defined and focused works of jewelry.


Her personal appearances at fine specialty and jewelry stores allow her first hand communication with her customers, and consequently she has generated a loyal and ever increasing market and customer base over the past 20 years.


Miss Olsen continues, each day, to search for and perfect new and exciting ways to update her classical, yet timeless, creations. She crafts each piece with quality and wearability in mind using only the finest materials.


Orlanda believes that the most important aspects of design are a keen sense of proportion and meticulous attention to detail, and reflects this in her work.
Orlanda’s most famous pieces are marvels of jewelry engineering, for which she holds copyrights. Her bracelet-ring, done with square or oval shanks, features a crown of pave diamond, colored stones or domed tops. When a hidden clip is released, the ring unfolds to create a link bracelet centering one jeweled panel.
Equally original, as well as one of her most popular pieces, is her folding heart pendant. Appearing to be a teardrop shaped open heart, edged in diamonds or fashioned in plain gold with a single diamond accent, the piece can be folded together to become a question mark.
A native of California, Miss Olsen originally studied business administration at UCLA. Later, her love of jewelry and design prompted her to study and take courses in both the United States and abroad. Additionally, she is an active member of the WJA (Women’s Jewelers Association) and JIC (Jewelry Information Center), JDPN (Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network), MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America), an associate alumni of GIA and a member of the American Society of Jewelry Historians. Orlanda’s creations adorn celebrities, world leaders and collectors.